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Room 1111, Beijing Biennale Office of Chinese Artists Association, No.10 Nongzhanguan Nanli, Beijing, China

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  About CAA
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      China Artists Association(CAA for short)is the only one national academic organizations of fine art in China. Founded in July 1949, it was one of the organizations of initiating the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and it is the member of China Foundation of Literary and Art Circles. CAA based in Beijing has group members in each provinces(except in Taiwan).

CAA takes in the people who did outstanding achievement in various aspect of art as its members, and it is the only one national academic organizations of ine art in China.

CAA takes charge to organize and direct the chinese artists to create and theoretic research,; to organize ,conduct, select the national important fine art exhibition; to hold the national exhibtions, publish journals, advocate the art education, and makes the great efforts to do the communication, services in order to construct the harmonious art family and accelerate the development and prospertiy of China art.

CAA conducts the comprehensive international fine art communication actively, holds or participates various international fine art exhibition, receives the artists from all over the world in China and organizes the Chinese artists to go abroad, communicates with the fine art group, accelerates the friendship and cooperation with the artists of many countries.

The supreme power of CAA belongs to its national congress, which is held in every 5 years. The congress representatives select the council; the council members select presidium; secretary general session conduct the routine work and the members are named by presidium.

CAA founded in Beijing in July the 21st , 1949. Xu Beihong was the first president, the vice presidents were Jiang Feng, Ye Qianyu, Cai Ruohong, Liu Kaiqu, Wu Zuoren, Li Ha, Gu Yuan, Wang Chaowen, Ni Yide, Li Qun, Zhu Dan,Ye Fu was standing committeeman, the National commmitteemans were 41, alternate committeemans were 10.

December the 11th, 2008. The seventh CAA national congress was held in Bejing, the congress representatives were 421, the council members were 210, Wang Qi, Wang Mingzhi, Ni Ma Zeren, Hua Junwu, Liu Weixi, Liu Boshu, Li Huanmin, Wu Guanzhong, Yang Lizhou, Xiao Feng, Lin Yong, Ha Zi Maimaiti, Qin Zheng, Huang Yongyu, Chang Shana, Zhan Jianjun are advisers, Liu Dawei is the president, vice presidents are Wu Changjiang(standing), Wang Mingming, Shi Dawei, Huang Gesheng, Zeng Chenggang, Pan Gongkai, secretary-general is Liu Jian, vice secretary-general are Li Ronghai, Zhang Xuguang, Tao Qin.

Since 1949, now CAA has 10028 individual members.