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Duration:Sep. 24th- Oct. 15th,2017

Venue: National Art Museum of China

(NO.1 Wusi Avenue,Dongcheng District Beijing, China)

Appreciation of works for Beijing Biennales

Joyous Occasion in Taihang Mountain Area——Appreciation of works

Wang Yidong(China)

Joyous Occasion in Taihang Mountain Area 》/ 2010–2014 / Oil on canvas /


Appreciation: Chinese painter Wang Yidong specializes in realism painting of Chinese rural theme and especially loves depicting wedding-based festive scenes in red, pursuing of a straightforward and warm atmosphere. His painting, Joyous Occasion in Taihang Mountain Area, mainly represents the wedding scene in Taihang rural area. Red color occupies the majority of the scene, and the vibrant color is gorgeous. Bride, groom and many young people gather around the banquet table. Each figure is in the photorealistic style, as that, every character’s appearance, expression, and movement are subtle but not identical as a visual feast. (Wang Yong)

Wang Yidong born in Shandong in 1955, graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and is now a grade-one artist of Beijing Fine Art Academy. He has participated in the 1st–10th Chinese Freehand School Annual Painting Exhibition,“The Sixth National Exhibition of Fine Arts”, and“The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale”(2012).