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Duration:Sep. 24th- Oct. 15th,2017

Venue: National Art Museum of China

(NO.1 Wusi Avenue,Dongcheng District Beijing, China)

Appreciation of works for Beijing Biennales

Paolo and Francesca ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB

 Oleg Podskochin(Russia

Paolo and Francesca / 2013 / oil on canvas / 160cm×100cm

Appreciation: The tragedy of the lovers, Paolo and Francesca who are murdered because of the affair and fall into hell, described in Inferno La Divina Commedia by Italian poet Dante, is a popular subject that European artists knee to use. Such as the French sculptor Rodin created his masterpiece, Kiss, on this topic. In Russian artist Oleg Podskochin’s oil painting “Paolo and Francesca,” he arranges this tragic couple in surreal space, with the contrast between red romance and black killing. The falling book at the lower right corner of the painting is what they read together in first love.(Wang Yong)

Oleg Podskochin was born in 1958 in Siberia of Russia and graduated from the Far Eastern Stage Art Academy. Now he is an artist. He has participated the International Exhibition in Fine Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh City 2014, the Regional Art Exhibition ”Far East” 2013 and other exhibitions in Russia, China and so on.