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Duration:Sep. 24th- Oct. 15th,2017

Venue: National Art Museum of China

(NO.1 Wusi Avenue,Dongcheng District Beijing, China)

Appreciation of works for Beijing Biennales

The Silk Road: the Real Globalization——Selected works of the 7th Beijing Biennale 2017

Tonino Maurizi(Italy)

The Silk Road: the Real Globalization / 2016 / water-based varnish colours on canvas / 143cm×176cm


The Silk Road, in the opinion of the artist, represents the unique and real model of globalization. This is a water-based varnish color painting on canvas, realized by spatula. This artwork pays homage to the city of Xi’an and characters that marked the route of deep and significant cultural exchanges between the East and the West. The energy and the vision of those men have been the inspiration of the artist. Past and present are mixed together by images and techniques.