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Duration:Sep. 24th- Oct. 15th,2017

Venue: National Art Museum of China

(NO.1 Wusi Avenue,Dongcheng District Beijing, China)

Appreciation of works for Beijing Biennales

Pamir Revisited——Selected works of the 7th Beijing Biennale 2017

Shi Guoliang(China)

Pamir Revisited / 2015 / ink and color on paper / 144cm×366cm


The work is a reflection of the joyful life of the Tajik people on Pamir Plateau. The artist adopted the techniques of realistic ink painting with saturated colors to depict many characters in the grand singing and dancing activities. The dispositions, emotions, facial expressions and physical postures are vividly shown in the picture. It’s a breakthrough in terms of form and style, and has shown the artist’s well-trained ability in presenting grand scenes.