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Artworks of the Beijing Biennale Exhibited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Make Diplomacy of China More Appealing in an Artistic Way


   Artworks of the 7th Beijing Biennale 2017 are exhibited in the Lanting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 


Tao QinDeputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the China Artists Association is accepting a live interview from the journalists with the CNTV( the first national internet TV with the CCTV, the national broadcaster)


     In the afternoon of April 4, at the invitation of the Administration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tao QinDeputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the China Artists Association accepted a live interview from the journalists with the CNTV, the first national internet TV. During the interview, the journalist asked the considerations behind the selections of these artworks and Deputy Secretary Tao Qin answered the question in an emotional way. She said these artworks are just like her old intimate friends. In last year, there were excellent artworks focusing on “The Belt and Road” from 102 countries in the 7th Beijing Biennale, which is the first exhibition within China that takes “The Silk Road” as its creative motif. In the form of visual art, the specially produced contemporary paintings and sculptures presented the spatial and temporal scroll of the Silk Road and the world’s civilizations. These works also explore the interaction among human civilizations through history, demonstrate the achievements of cultural exchanges and write a new chapter on the integrated development of world cultures. She introduced that, the exhibited 34 pieces of artwork coming from 12 different countries were only a small part of the over 600 pieces of artworks of the 7th Beijing Biennale, but it could reflect the big picture, which is a warm response to the “Belt and Road Initiative” from the international artistic community. The exhibition is displayed at the place where the spokespersons and journalists from different countries must pass though, making the atmosphere there more charming. To some extent, it can be said that it enhances the appearance of China’s diplomacy. 

 Tao Qin,Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the China Artists Association is introducing the artworks to the journalist with CCTV

     When the journalist asked the significance of artworks in the cultural exchange and communication and in turn what important role it can play in the people-to-people connectivity under the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Deputy Secretary Tao Qin was proud to say that, the China Artists Association has long been involved in the artwork collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many countries have come to realized that the embassy and consulate in a foreign country is a window to showcase the national image in front. For example, the “Art in Embassies” project was promoted for many years by the United States of America under which the artworks are introduced into the important areas in embassies or consulates. The project facilitates people in different countries to appreciate and understand the culture and art of a country and it also plays an important role in publicizing the core values of a country and improve the national image. As long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the requests of collecting artworks for display, the China Artists Association will spare no efforts to motivate famous artists and mobilize all necessary professional resources for theme-based artwork creation. Deputy Secretary Tao Qin also clearly stated that, at the moment, some of the artworks in the foreign tour exhibition have the tendency of being homogenized or limiting to some antique themes while the China Artists Association is committed to promote fresher artworks with new subjects and contents, which can highlight the character of contemporaneity of the mainstream art in China and facilitate the emotional connectivity with the people in foreign countries by bringing in the common subjects. She recalled that, many years ago, she participated in the “Symposium on Protection and Utilization of Cultural Relics and Artworks in Embassies and Consulates in Foreign Countries” convened by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, she began to seriously consider how to better facilitate the diplomacy of China and finally she believed that Beijing Biennale, or other grand international art exhibitions, is the best platform to provide artworks with high quality. We also took the symposium on theme-based artwork creation of the 7th Beijing Biennale as an opportunity to invite Xu Wei, the Counselor of the Administration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who is in charge of the artwork collection to advocate and mobilize the artists present at the symposium to comprehend the idea face to face. By so doing, the collection of the 34 pieces of artworks naturally became an intended program of the 7th Beijing Biennale. From the perspective of art, it combines the connection between “The Silk Road and World Civilization” and the “Belt and Road Initiative”  and the integration of the organization and preparation of the Beijing Biennale and the cultural diplomacy. With the coordination between cultural communication and cultural diplomacy, theme-based exhibition and theme-based collection comes the collection exhibition today featuring a distinct theme, diversified styles and outstanding quality. The works from foreign artists describing the theme of the Silk Road evokes our smile from the bottom of our heart. This is what we call heart-to-heart empathy.

The exhibition


     Xu Wei, Counselor of the Administration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representatives of the artists, Sun Yuguo and Sun Lvlv also accepted an on-the-spot interview at the exhibition. It is said that these artworks will be sent to embassies and consulates in foreign countries along the “The Belt and Road” for a tour exhibition and part of them will be displayed for long-term.



宗慧懿(中国)Zong Huiyi(China)
迢迢西域 / 2013 / 中国画·纸本设色 / 120厘米×210厘米
The Remote Western Regions / 2013 / ink and color on paper / 120cm×210cm


孙绿绿(中国)Sun Lülü(China)
闽海云霞绕刺桐 / 2016 / 中国画·纸本工笔 / 230厘米×300厘米
Rosy Clouds over Citong City / 2016 / gongbi on paper / 230cm×300cm


庞亚(中国)Pang Ya(China)
文字系列 / 2014 / 中国画·纸本设色 / 240厘米×145厘米
The Character Series / 2014 / ink and color on paper / 240cm×145cm


闫肃(中国)Yan Su(China)
南疆与南疆—喀什噶尔老城 / 2015 / 中国画·工笔重彩 / 68厘米×97厘米
South Xinjiang:Kashgar / 2015 / gongbi with heavy color / 68cm×97cm


刘涛(中国)Liu Tao(China)
五色土和符号 / 2016 / 中国画·纸本设色 / 170厘米×163厘米
The Five-colored Soil, an Emblem / 2016 / ink and color on paper / 170cm×163cm


李岩(中国)Li Yan(China)
风乍起 / 2015 / 中国画·纸本水墨 / 180厘米×250厘米
A Sudden Breeze / 2015 / ink on paper / 180cm×250cm   


孙裕国(中国)Sun Yuguo(China)
丝路飞歌 /2016 / 中国画·纸本设色 / 300厘米×250厘米
A Song for the Silk Road / 2016 / ink and color on paper / 300cm×250cm  


沈康(中国)Shen Kang(China)
丝路乐章 / 2015 / 布面油画 / 120厘米×200厘米
Melody of the Silk Road / 2015 / oil on canvas / 120cm×200cm   


冯少协(中国)Feng Shaoxie(China)
十八世纪伊斯坦布尔·远道中国归 / 2014 / 布面油画 / 176厘米×126厘米
Istanbul in the 18th Century—Long Journey from China / 2014 / oil on canvas / 176cm×126cm 


杨继锋(中国)Yang Jifeng(China)
在遥远东方的渔港码头 / 2016 / 布面油画 / 140厘米×220厘米
A Fishing Port in the Far East / 2016 / oil on canvas / 140cm×220cm


朱沙(中国)Zhu Sha(China)
丝路寻踪 / 2016 / 布面油画 / 120厘米×180厘米
Traces of the Silk Road / 2016 / oil on canvas / 120cm×180cm


邓河(中国)Deng He(China)
时空之镜 / 2016 / 雕塑:仿石树脂、不锈钢 / 40厘米×145厘米×40厘米
Mirror of Time and Space / 2016 / sculpture: stone-like resin and stainless steel / 40cm×145cm×40cm


邹洪元(中国)Zou Hongyuan(China)
轻诉 / 2016 / 雕塑:玻璃钢、青铜 / 100厘米×55厘米×48厘米
Whisper / 2016 / sculpture: fiber reinforced plastics and bronze / 100cm×55cm×48cm


王毅威(中国)Wang Yiwei(China)
控制与喜悦 / 2016 / 不锈钢 / 高50厘米
Control and Joy / 2016 / stainless steel / height: 50cm


李静(中国)Li Jing(China)
旦 / 2014 / 雕塑:景泰蓝、镜面不锈钢 / 90厘米×80厘米×45厘米
Heroine in Chinese Operas / 2014 / sculptures: cloisonné, mirror-like stainless steel / 90cm×80cm×45cm  


徐宝中(中国)Xu Baozhong(China)
四季组画之二:夏日 / 2015 / 铜版蚀刻 / 60厘米×50厘米
Paintings of the Four Seasons 2: Summer / 2015 / copperplate etching / 60cm×50cm 


胡洪波(中国)Hu Hongbo(China)
丝路文明之远古对话 / 2016 / 综合版画 / 118厘米×78厘米
The Ancient Dialogue from the Silk Road / 2016 / integrated print / 118cm×78cm   


张玉惠(中国)Zhang Yuhui(China)
海路 / 2016 / 漆画 / 180厘米×180厘米
The Maritime Silk Road / 2016 / lacquer painting / 180cm×180cm 


徐晓伟(中国)Xu Xiaowei(China)
月牙丝路梦 / 2013 / 布面油画 / 120厘米×150厘米
Dream above the Crescent Moon Spring / 2013 / oil on canvas / 120cm×150cm


李平(中国)Li Ping(China)
古道新月 / 2016 / 中国画·纸本重彩 / 230厘米×186厘米
Crescent over the Ancient Road / 2016 / heavy color on paper / 230cm×186cm


张国铮(中国)Zhang Guozheng(China)
丝游记 / 2016 / 影像 / 时长:9分40秒
The Journey of the Silk / 2016 / video / length:9’40”


王秋童(中国香港特区)Wang Qiutong(Hong Kong SAR, China)
海上丝路明珠 / 2016 / 中国画·纸本水墨 / 160厘米×220厘米
Pearl of the Maritime Silk Road / 2016 / ink on paper / 160cm×220cm


李德胜(中国澳门特区)Li Desheng(Macao SAR, China)
镜海记事 / 2015 / 中国画·纸本设色 / 180厘米×195厘米
Memory of the Mirror Sea / 2015 / ink and color on paper / 180cm×195cm


纳赛尔·帕兰吉(澳大利亚)Nasser Palangi(Australia)
来自波斯赖伊的瓷器 1 / 2015 / 布面综合 / 120厘米×120厘米
Ceramics from Rayy in Persia 1 / 2015 / oil and gold relief on canvas / 120cm×120cm  


伊洛娜·库索布(白俄罗斯)Ilona Kosobuko(Belarus)
记得你 / 2016 / 布面综合 / 120厘米×130厘米
Remember You / 2016 / oil and graphite on canvas / 120cm×130cm 


阿列克谢·萨图诺夫(爱沙尼亚)Aleksei Shatunov(Estonia)
驯鹰术 / 2015 / 布面油画 / 100厘米×150厘米
Falconry / 2015 / oil on canvas / 100cm×150cm 


雷米·阿龙(法国)Rémy Aron(France)
丝绸之路 / 2015 / 布面油画 / 180厘米×180厘米
Silk Road / 2015 / oil on canvas / 180cm×180cm  


伊尔凯尔·亚尔德姆哲(土耳其)Ilker Yardimci(Turkey)
东方的太阳 / 2015 / 雕塑:铝 / 110厘米×50厘米×110厘米
The Sun of East / 2015 / sculpture: aluminum / 110cm×50cm×110cm 


莎拉·卡普托、布伦达·昂温(英国)Sarah Caputo, Brenda Unwin(UK)
图像考古 / 2015 / 印花棉布打印 / 350厘米×100厘米
An Archaeology of Images / 2015 / screen print on calico / 350cm×100cm  


罗伯特·赫蒂奇(德国)Robert Hettich(Germany)
开始 / 2015 / 布面油画 / 150厘米×205厘米
The Beginning / 2015 / oil on canvas / 150cm×205cm   


坦尼娅·普雷明格(以色列)Tanya Preminger(Israel)
欧亚大陆 / 2014 / 雕塑:木 / 65厘米×70厘米×60厘米
The Mainland Eurasia / 2014 / sculpture: wood / 65cm×70cm×60cm 


Mangu Putra I Gusti Agung Gede(Indonesia)
丛林小花 / 2015 / 布面油画 / 210厘米×210厘米
Small Flowers in the Jungle / 2015 / oil on canvas / 210cm×210cm   


沙尼娅·阿里夫(巴基斯坦)Sanya Arif(Pakistan)
丝绸之路 / 2016 / 纸本水彩 / 120厘米×140厘米
The Silk Road / 2016 / watercolor on paper / 120cm×140cm


阮民丹(越南)Nguyen Minh Tan(Vietnam)
金色往昔 / 2016 / 布面油画 / 216厘米×212厘米
The Golden Past / 2016 / oil on canvas / 216cm×212cm


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