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Regulations of the 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2022


     Beijing International Art Biennale (Beijing Biennale for short), initiated in 2003, is a project approved by the State Council, ratified by the Central Government and funded through state allocation. As an international academic exhibition with its unique model, it is jointly hosted by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Government of Beijing Municipality and the China Artists Association. So far, eight sessions have been held. Over the past decade or so, the number of participating countries and regions has increased from 45 to 113, and that of artists has reached nearly 5,000. Besides, over one million people have visited exhibitions. As a platform for international cultural exchanges, the Beijing Biennale is designed by both the Chinese Curatorial Committee and international curators, and adheres to the idea of building a distinctive international platform. It enjoys the reputation of “the world’s largest art biennale for paintings and sculptures”. The Beijing Biennale promotes global harmony through contemporary artwork exhibitions and respects cultural diversity and dialogues between western and eastern cultures on an equal footing, thus gaining recognition and support from an increasing number of artists across the world.


I. Exhibition Name

The 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2022 (The 9th Beijing Biennale for short)


II. Duration, Venue and Sum of Exhibits

Duration: January 18th ,2022 – March 1st, 2022 (to be determined)

Venue: National Art Museum of China, Beijing (main venue), and non-sports stadiums of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (branch venues)

Sum of Exhibits: 600 or so in the main venue; the number of exhibits in branch venues will be decided according to actual needs.


III. Theme of the 9th Beijing Biennale

Theme: The Light of Life

The 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2022 and the 2022 Winter Olympics (also known as Beijing 2022), will be of historic significance in the world. After the 29th Olympic Games was held in Beijing in 2008, the Olympic flame will once again be transported from Athens to Beijing. This time, the light of life, symbolizing peace, unity, friendship and brightness, will shine in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Facing Covid-19 that threatens human beings’ lives, all people in the world have worked together and supported each other to keep the virus under control and save lives. In this fight, such spirits as putting life above everything else and sharing a common future are admirable. In such an era, Olympic spirits and values, symbolizing unity and the light of life, are more important than ever. China advocates Olympic spirits, and the Beijing Biennale exhibits excellent artworks to announce the recovery of human beings’ confidence and courage, and demonstrate how people show the glory of life, defeat the virus and embrace a brighter future through competitive sports. All these make the 9th BIAB more significant in history.

The Light of Life, theme of the 9th BIAB, embodies spirits shown in the battle against the pandemic and the Olympic Games. The two kinds of spirits correspond with each other and showcase the value, dignity, power and glory of human lives. From this perspective, the theme indicates the light of sports and visual arts—sports are the strong light of life shining in the Olympic flame, whereas arts are bright colors of life glowing in artistic inspirations. Developed from Colors and the Olympics, the theme of the 3rd BIAB in 2008 when the Beijing Olympic Games was heldthe Light of Life focuses on the pandemic-fighting and Olympic spirits, as well as the value, dignity, power and glory of human lives. A variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, installations and videos, are created to pursue contemporary arts with distinctive features. These works aim at praising winter-sport athletes who challenge themselves in sports events and depicting the charm of Beijing and other cities that have held the Olympic Games. They portray the appeal of speed and beauty in winter sports, eulogize medical workers who fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and reflect upon the common future of human beings and the ultimate meaning of life. More importantly, they,use arts to make the pure soul “cleaner, more humane and more united”.

Lu You, a Chinese poet during the Song dynasty (960-1279), raised a question in his poem Falling Plum Blossoms (Luo Mei), As the ground is frozen by ice and snow, who strives to bring the spring back? Today, we can answer this question on the basis of our experience. It is medical workers, winter-sport athletes, artists and ordinary people who glow in coldness and strive to bring the spring back.

(Please strictly follow copyright laws and relevant regulations in and outside China when referring to captions, photos and other information in creation.)


IV. Requirements for Artists and Works

The Beijing Biennale attracts artworks from all over the world and selects masterpieces of influential artists. The works to be exhibited are mainly paintings and sculptures. A certain amount of videos and installations are acceptable as well. Included as part of the cultural activities of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the 9th Beijing Biennale will also select some paintings, sculptures and installations according to the needs of branch venues (some donated works of the previous sessions of the Beijing Biennale that fit the theme of the 9th session will also be included).


1. Artworks of the Beijing Biennale fall into two categories: those created by specially invited artists and those submitted from all over the world (for detailed information, please refer to “V. How to Participate in the Beijing Biennale”).

2. Participating works should be completed in the last two years and should be of high aesthetic taste and artistic quality. Please avoid submitting the same work to different exhibitions. If selected works are at certain agencies or are collected, artists should contact these agents or collectors. If they fail to reach an agreement with agents or collectors and thus their works cannot make it to the exhibition, they will not be qualified to take part in the exhibition. Moreover, once their works are selected, artists should not change the works at will. The change of works should be agreed by the Curatorial Committee, which has the right to refuse such requirements. The material of selected artworks should be consistent with relevant information in the Artwork Information form.

3. In terms of exhibits in the main venue, paintings should not be smaller than 1.2m × 1.2m (including frame) and not larger than 3.0m × 3.0m (including frame). Sculptures should be no smaller than 0.5 m3 (the sum of length, width and height should be larger than 1.5m) and be no larger than 2m3 (the sum of length, width and height should be smaller than 6m with a sculpture base considered). A single work should not be heavier than 150 kg (including a sculpture base), with all parts joint firmly; and the whole item should be stable and will not fade or deform. The size and weight of works displayed in branch venues shall be adjusted according to real needs and with reference to the main venue. The length of a video should be less than 6 minutes. All artworks will be exhibited according to the conditions of the Museum. If there is any special requirement, please contact the Organizing Committee before October, 2021.

4. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse artworks that are inconsistent with the information on registration forms, oversized, overweight, noisy, mildewed, smelly, prone to leak liquid, difficult to transport or arrange for exhibitions, or dangerous to visitors or museums. Given the requirements of the National Art Museum of China (the main venue), in terms of non-print works, copies, inkjet works and works featuring inkjet printing and sketch are not qualified for exhibition. The jury will consider artworks of these kinds as invalid submissions and will not allow them to be exhibited.

5. All artworks should be original; once plagiarism is identified, relevant works will not be eligible for selection or exhibition. If any selected artwork is involved with any unsettled historic issue, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to disqualify it in any process of selection, exhibition, publication and participation into the event. The Organizing Committee reserves the interpretation right of relevant decisions.

6. Given the Covid-19 impact on international transportation, the Organizing Committee suggests that if necessary, artists whose sculptures or installations are selected commission or make works in China, to avoid any trouble caused by entry or exit.


V. How to Participate in the Beijing Biennale

1. Registration: Please submit pictures or videos of one artwork for the selection of the Curatorial Committee. For Chinese artists (including artists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), please mail registration materials to the Beijing Biennale office. For international artists, given the Covid-19 impact on international mail, please send electronic registration materials as required to the designated E-mail address (please refer to “XIII. Contact” for E-mail addresses).

2. Deadline: August 31, 2021. Overdue documents will be unacceptable.

3. Registration requirements:

A. For both Chinese and international artists, please complete the electronic registration form for participating artist and the artwork information form downloaded from the Beijing Biennale official website (please refer to “XIII. Contact” for the website), put digital or handwritten/biometric signature on them, and attach a colorful profile photo to the artist registration form.

B. The electronic version of profile photo should be in TIFF or jpg format and be suitable for print. They should be no smaller than 1Mb and their resolution, no less than 300dpi.

C. Photos of artworks should be in TIFF or jpg format and be suitable for print. They should be between 10Mb and 30 Mb, and their resolution, no less than 300dpi. For each sculpture, three photos from different angles are required.

D. Artwork information, including the name of artists and the title, size, material and creation year of works, can be directly used as a file name.

4. No registration or participation fee is asked.


VI. Notification of Selection Outcome and Relevant Rights of the Organizing Committee

1. The jury will select eligible artworks according to selection standards. Later, the outcome of works created by Chinese artists will be released on the official website in September, 2021. What is noteworthy is that the works of artists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be announced separately after the approval procedures. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee will send notifications and other documents to artists whose works are selected in a timely manner, to clarify responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties. It will also send invitation letters to international artists. Regrettably, only selected artists will be contacted.

2. All timelines mentioned in this Regulation are only for reference. Outcomes will be released and notifications be issued according to the development of the whole project. The Organizing Committee will inform all selected artists of all changes and hope for your cooperation. .

3. The Organizing Committee reserves the following rights: exhibiting selected and invited works according to its own will, taking and using photos of these works free of charge, and using artists’ personal information on registration forms and on the official website for publicity at home and abroad and for collection publication.


VII. Artwork Mounting, Packaging, Shipping and Insurance

1. For works mailed from outside China (except for works of special exhibitions), the Organizing Committee covers transportation costs in both directions (to and from China); and for works mailed from inside China, the Committee covers returning costs.

2. Artists should install frames for paintings. Specifically, oil paintings should be firmly fastened on external frames, and nails and other sharp items should not protrude from internal or external frames; prints, watercolors and pastels should not be mounted on frames with glass surfaces (organic glass and transparent plastic board are acceptable). Artists should prepare displaying tables for sculptures with special requirements. Works created with other media require further discussion.

3. Artists or parties from in and outside China should cover insurance costs of transportation in both directions. The Organizing Committee will insure artworks during the exhibition period.

4. The Organizing Committee will inform artists from outside China by website announcements and E-mail of the designated transportation company in a timely manner. Artists from outside China should pack artworks in fumigated boxes and hand them over to the transportation company before October 15th, 2021. The artwork number informed by the Organizing Committee should be clearly marked on the outside of packages. If non-manufactured wood is used as packaging materials (including all boxes, pads and wedges), please fumigate these materials and put IPCC (International Plant Protection Convention Organization) marks of your country on at least two sides of the materials, so as to facilitate customs clearance. Artists should take care of all packaging charges in this process. Please note that the transportation company will not provide door-to-door pickup services.

For artists from inside China, please post packaged works directly to the designated address of the Organizing Committee before December 20, 2021. The number informed by the Committee should be clearly marked on packaging boxes. Please ensure that artworks are delivered from your place directly to our place. Besides, costs for transportation to the Committee should be covered by artists and returning costs will be covered by the Committee. What is noteworthy is that the Organizing Committee will cover transportation costs in both sides for the works created by artists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Artists should follow relevant notification, and post selected artworks or deliver works to the transportation company in a timely manner. Changing of works without authorization is not allowed in this process; otherwise, the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse them. Please note that the Organizing Committee bears no responsibility for any problem caused by works that fail to make it to the transportation company or the Committee on time.

The Organizing Committee will refuse to accept unselected works that are transported to the Organizing Committee or the exhibition venue. Nor will the Committee bear the responsibility of keeping or returning them.

5. If works (including those of special exhibitions) are damaged, broken or deformed in transportation due to inappropriate packaging or instable, loose structures, the Organizing Committee will inform relevant artists in time but will not be in a position to compensate for any loss.

6. The Organizing Committee will be responsible for returning works. If selected works from outside China are transported to the Organizing Committee without the designated transportation company, the Committee will not be responsible for returning these works. If these works do need to be returned with the help of the Committee, please negotiate with the Committee before December 31st, 2021.


VIII. Collection and Publicity Materials

1. Collection: 635mm×965mm, 1/16, in colorful format. The collection includes photos and captions of exhibits and brief introductions to artists.

2. Exhibition Guidance and Tips for Artists

3. Colorful Poster

4. Invitations for the Opening Ceremony and the Symposium


IX. Symposium

1. A one-day international symposium with Chinese-English simultaneous interpreting will be held after the opening ceremony (the way of hosting this symposium is to be decided).

2. Members of the Curatorial Committee, exhibition participants, influential art critics, curators and scholars both in and outside China will be invited.

3. The discussion topic will be consistent with the exhibition theme and is yet to be decided.

4. Artists whose works are selected should send a symposium feedback and outline of the essay back to the Organizing Committee before November 10, 2021, so that the Organizing Committee can select representatives. By then, the Organizing Committee will consider an online or offline symposium according to China’s anti-epidemic requirements and the coronavirus situation in the world. If conditions permit, the Organizing Committee will strictly follow anti-epidemic measures and consider covering four days of travel and living costs in Beijing for some artists from outside China who participate in the exhibition and the symposium. Companions of artists should take care of visa-related processes and all the costs themselves.


X. Donation

The Organizing Committee accepts voluntary donations. For artists who decide to donate works, please tick the box of your choice and sign in the last column of the Artwork Information form. Donated works should be original. Sculptures made of resin, plaster, wax model or other materials that cannot be solidified would not be accepted. The Organizing Committee will issue certificates to donors and hold when appropriate exhibition tours for these artworks. .


XI. Certificate

The Organizing Committee will issue certificates of selection and donation respectively.


XII. Organizations


China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

The People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

China Artists Association (responsible for organization and implementation)

Co-organizers: (to be determined)

Supporters: Culture and Ceremonies Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and National Art Museum of China

Cooperators: Chinese embassies in participating countries, embassies of participating countries in China, and cooperation organizations from participating countries

Organizing Committee:

The Organizing Committee of the 9th Beijing Biennale, which consists of honorary directors, executive directors, deputy directors and other members, coordinates organizers, supporters, co-organizers and relevant departments, and is responsible for the preparation and exhibition of the 9th Beijing Biennale (details need to be further discussed).

Curatorial Committee:

The Curatorial Committee of the 9th Beijing Biennale (Curatorial Committee for short), consisting of directors of organizers, famous Chinese theorists and artists and international curators, is fully responsible for the preparation and operation, including recommending specially invited artists from in and outside China, selecting artworks, planning the symposium and editing the collection.

Counselors (4): Jin Shangyi, Feng Yuan, Shao Dazhen, and Wang Mingming

Chief Curators (5): Fan Di’an, Xu Li, Wu Weishan, Li Xiangqun, and Zhu Di

Curatorial Members (25) (in the order of Chinese surname strokes):

Ding Ning, Qian Zhe, Ma Shulin, Wang Hongjian, Wang Duanting, Wang Yong, Niu Kecheng, Lu Yushun, Dai Daquan, Bao Lin, Liu Xilin, An Yuanyuan, Sun Lixin, Sun Tao, Li Geng, Li Yang, Zou Wen, Zhang Xiaoling, Shang Hui, Zheng Gong, Hu Wei, Tao Qin, Liang Yu, Dong Xiaoming, and Xue Yongnian

International Curators (2): Vincenzo Sanfo (Italy) and Beate Reifenscheid (Germany)

Conveners of the Curatorial Committee (2): Tao Qin and Wang Yong

The Beijing International Art Biennale Office and the International Department of the China Artists Association are responsible for all the organizing work.


XIII. Contact

Registration E-mail for international artists (Please mark your nationality in E-mail subject/theme):

For artists from Asia and Oceania:

For artists from Europe:

For artists from Africa and America:

Tel: 86-10-59759382, 59759383, 59759391

Fax: 86-10-59759381

Website: (access to both English and Chinese websites)

Forms download address:

E-mail: (Please mark your nationality in E-mail subject/theme)

Notes: Artists applying to participate in the 9th Beijing Biennale are all considered to agree to the above Regulations and the content of registration forms. The Organizing Committee reserves the final interpretation right of the Regulations. All articles in the Regulations are mainly applied to the themed exhibition, and the rights and obligations of special exhibitions need to be further discussed by the Organizing Committee and organizers of special exhibitions. 

The Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Art Biennale

May, 2021

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Fax: 86-10-59759381  

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