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The List of the Selected Artists of the Special Exhibitions of the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2019


    After the strict selection of the Curatorial Committee of the 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2019 and approved by the department in charge of the exhibition, the list of the selected artists of special exhibitions is officially released here



The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Belarus

Country Name of the Artist Work Title
Belarus SERGEY GRINEVICH Wheatfield
    Sports Ground
  SERGEY Seleckij Untitled 1
    Untitled 2
    Untitled 3
    Untitled 4
    Untitled 5
  YURY YAKOVENKO New variations
  ILONA KOSOBUKO Green color
    About the secrets of the white
  Alexander Shappo Alchemy
    Portrait N
  Andrey Ostashov Birdie
  Olga Orsik Triple
  DEKATEKA: Vera Yahoudzik
Koneva Olga
Julia Korzunova
    the glow 
  ADAM HLOBUS Eve near the gates of heaven
    The Ballad, Mary meeting Elizabeth
    Yellow house





 The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art Of the Republic of Korea

Country Name of the Artist Work Title
The Republic of Korea Cho Chulsoo Old Woman’s Chatter
  Choi Yetae Work
  Han Sangyoon Mountain Light Swaying——
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  Hwang Jeasung Nomad-Idea
  Im Keunwoo
(Im Goonoo)
Weather Map “Seoul”
  Ju Taeseok Nature-Image
  Kim Hyunjung Coy:A Vficarfious Pleasure
  Kim Minchae Flower of the sun
  Kim Sichan Vincero
  Kim Sousou Fire
  Kim Tae Gyun The Way on the
  Koo Chasoong The Flower
  Kwon Chigyu Resilience-
  Lee Bumhun Flower Dance
  Lee Jonghwa Order and
  Lee Sangheon The Wind Blows
  Lee Seahyun Between Red-
  Oh Songgyu Untitled
  Rim Hyo A Way
  Wang Yeul Utopia-Accompany
  Yang Seongmo A·Breath - Conversation
  Shin Jumjun Love for the
Abandoned Dogs
  Yoo Min Seok What can You
  Lee Hee Don Destny
  Park Minkyu A Necessary Condition for Coexistence
  Hong Sook Ho Dragon
  Lee Hayoon Peony
  Jang An Soon Jazz
  Kwon Hee Yeon Nature-
Lower Place




 The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of New Zealand

Country Name of the Artist Work Title
New Zealand Alvin Pankhurst Resurgence
    Spiritual Revival
  James Jimmy Kouratoras Videmus We are watching 
    Atlas Te hau a Uru
  James Cann Boynton Sky Father and Earth Mother
  Michael Cliff Tuffery Kotuku the messenger
at Uawa
    Nga Kete
  Natasha TeArahori Keating Hine Takurua
  Tracey Lee Tawhiao Aotearoa
  Wairere Tame ITI Perturbed
  Benjamin Buchanan Untitled (Slow Leopard)
  Evan George Woodruffe 8th June 2018
    April - June 2017
  Glen David Hayward Guggenheim Fountain
Self Portrait in
a Friendly Universe
    Drawing Down Don
  Liam Downes Rangitoto
    Cash Cow
  Neal Palmer Changing Beauty
    River Gold
  Philippa Blair Swan
  Claudia Kogachi Boxing
    Laundry Soccer
  Dominique Baker Taneka Hika
    Piki Takata
  Gabriel Heimler& Anna Proc Carved Surf
    New Era
  Kerry Ann Lee Plan Nine
Platonic Sphers,
 Water II
  Reagan Lee  Impulsive World(Triptych)
   Vicky Gao Thousands of Mountains and Water
    Reappearing Landscape




 The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Shanghai Cooperation Organization


Country Name of the Artist Work Title
Russia 卡捷柯娃·达丽娅 Rest 
  叶浦盖尼·祖波夫 Winter in Russia
    Winter Morning 
    The Scenery 
  彼得洛夫 Still Life 
  索科夫宁·弗拉基米尔 March 
  安德烈·布里奥克 Mount Huang 
  尼柯尔斯基·安纳托里 West Lake in Autumn 
  科拉索夫·阿拉宾娜 In the Morning 
  安德烈·斯克良林科 Three Brothers
    Three Sisters
  格拉西莫夫 米哈伊尔 米哈伊洛维奇 After the Show 
  欧里格 West Lake in Festival 
Kazakhstan 沙尔江诺夫  阿兰西 Spring 
Kyrgyzstan 巴特尔别科娃 Herdsmen 
  纳斯达尔 Peaceful Grassland 
  尤里斯坦贝克·施加耶夫 Horse
    Suleiman  Mountain
    At Noon 
Tadzhikistan 加福尔·朱拉耶夫 A Tajik Girl
    Still Life 
    The Scorching Sun 
    Music in the Desert 
    In front of the Window 
Uzbekistan 马哈马基尔夫·塔什穆拉多夫 Autumn 
  鲁斯塔姆 哈塔别尔加诺夫 Untitled
  阿拉别尔加诺夫 Hunter 
  阿克玛利·努尔 Home 
  哈吉姆米尔扎麦托夫 Grazing in the Morning 





 The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Spain to South America(The Colorful Latin Art Special Exhibition)

Country Name of the Artist Work Title
Colombia Carlos Jesús Jacanamijoy Tisoy  Not just as fun (diptych)
    The Fork
    An insignificant plate of rice 
    Holes in the Wind
Cuba Alejandro Gomez Cangas EL CAMINO DE LA MONTAÑA
  Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho) Boat
  Alfredo Sosabravo INQUIETUD
  Jose Roberto Fabelo Perez Cafedral
  Vicente Hernandez EL PASO DEL SIGLO
Mexico Eric Perez Sumidero de la luna
    Efluvio (4)
    El principio
  Francisco Javier Vázquez Estupiñan El Palacio de Monet
Spain Arturo Berned Luque HEAD XVII 207c32
  Jorge Rodriguez Pombo Jarkhot - Florencia
  Lita Cabellut Ocelotl
  Manuel Leon Moreno Ciegos Que Guian a Ciegos
    El Espejo En Que Te Mira Te Dira Como Tu Eres
  Juan Moreno Aguado Workshop
  Juan Bautista Nieto Girls are bad
  Maria Jose Cortes Antequera The Palette of forgetting
  Alberto Jose Reguera Useros Combates celestes






 The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of the United States of America


Country Name of the Artist Work Title
The United States of America Beverly Fishman Untitled (3 Anxiety, Digestive Problems)
  Matt Curtius, Gina Triplett General Ephemeral
  Loveis Wise Nurture
    Desert Island
    Where a Water Sign Feels Like
Their Best Self
  Daniel Clayman The Landscape Project
  Mark Campbell Maximum Density: Black
    Daisy Chain: Mass
    Boltsmann's Field
  Michael Grothusen Double Self-portrait as the God Janus
    Self-equivalent, by Weight, Pacing
the Floor
    Twilight in the Forest
  Shawn Faust Bee Aware
    Wet Sky
  Rebecca Sack Untitled
  Laura Frazure After PRADA
  Mi-Kyoung Lee Yellow Forrest 1
  Alan Price MarkMakeMark




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