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Our Home--The Belt and Road Nation’s Art Exhibition Opened at Shanghai Art Museum


On the afternoon of November 2nd, Our Home—The Belt and Road Nation’s Art Exhibition was solemnly opened at Shanghai Art Museum, an event organized by China Artists Association and Shanghai Art Museum. This exhibition is specially designed to facilitate the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE). It strongly supports key exhibition projects of China, so as to give full play to culture and art in strengthening people-to-people exchanges and promoting the idea of a community with a shared future for mankind. Guests attending the opening ceremony included FENG Yuan, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Honorary Chairman of China Artists Association, Deputy Curator of CPC Central Research Institute of Culture and History, and Consultant of Shanghai Art Museum; CHEN Tong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai; TAO Qin, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members Groups and the First-class Inspector of China Artists Association; MA Shulin, former Deputy Director of National Art Museum of China and Director of Academic Committee of Shanghai Art Museum; GAO Yunfei, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China; HANG Chunfang, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members Groups and Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism; and HAN Chenqing, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members Groups and Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles. They were also joined by representatives from consulate generals of Laos, Fiji, Slovakia, Uruguay, Cuba, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Hungary and United Arab Emirates in Shanghai, and guests from various art institutions, art galleries and art colleges in Shanghai and from Yangtze River Delta Art Museum. SHEN Jie, Executive Curator of Shanghai Art Museum, presided over the opening ceremony.


TAO Qin, Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Members Groups and the First-class Inspector of China Artists Association, was delivering a speech.

TAO Qin delivered a speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of China Artists Association, one of the organizers of the event. Ms. TAO stressed that it was of great significance for us to gather together here in this beautiful autumn. This showed a great achievement made by all the Chinese people, who fought arduously against Covid-19 in the past few months under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee. President Xi Jinping pointed out when delivering a speech at CIIE that “what is traded is goods and services, and what is exchanged is culture and ideas”. This was in line with the main purpose of CIIE. The theme of this exhibition, Our Home, was closely connected with the great idea and efforts of building a community with a shared future for mankind, to which all exhibits from nearly 70 partner countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) could attest. Unfolding the landscapes and customs of partner countries via artworks created by artists from various countries, the exhibition aimed at presenting the status quo of art development in these countries and giving full play to art in promoting cultural and people-to-people exchanges. Moreover, this exhibition also showed the profound understanding and proactive response of the art circles to the BRI put forward by President Xi and the main purpose of CIIE. Then, Ms. TAO said that among more than 200 artworks in this exhibition, over 140 were created by foreign artists, of which 94 were works donated to the Beijing Biennales and then collected by the Chinese Artists Association. These were the most suitable works selected from nearly 700 collections of the Beijing Biennales. They proved that artists from all over the world recognized the curatorial concepts and academic standards of the Beijing Biennales and that the Beijing Biennales could follow closely the trend of the times and establish relevant themes. She hoped that collections and exhibitions, together with CIIE, could join hand in hand to show the generosity, kindness and commitment of China as a major country.


DENG Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Art Museum, was delivering a speech.


DENG Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Art Museum, extended a warm welcome to all guests on behalf of Shanghai Art Museum, and said in her speech that Shanghai Art Museum, as a state-owned art museum, had been committed to serving as a bridge in cultural exchanges between China and other countries. Up to now, the Museum had kept close contact with relevant art institutions in more than 30 partner countries of BRI, signed memorandums of cooperation with 12 of them, and promoted more than 10 cooperation projects. She hoped that in the future, greater efforts would be made, so that more excellent artworks from various countries could be brought to Chinese people and more excellent works of China would go global. With the unremitting efforts of various institutions, this exhibition had brought together masterpieces of more than 200 artists from above 70 countries and regions in the world. On November 4th, the 3rd CIIE would be opened in Shanghai. On this occasion carrying out an art exhibition like this would help promote the aspiration of building a community with a shared future for mankind while putting the BRI in place. This exhibition was supported by China National Academy of Painting and Chinese National Academy of Arts, in particular consulate generals of Laos, Fiji, Slovakia and Uruguay in Shanghai.

Alecvilay SOUKCHALERN, Acting Consul General of Lao PDR in Shanghai, was delivering a speech.


Alecvilay SOUKCHALERN, Acting Consul General of Lao PDR in Shanghai, said in his speech that Laos and China were neighboring countries sharing mountains and rivers. Two countries and two peoples had a longstanding traditional friendship and good cooperation. In recent years, the two top leaders had visited each other, and attached great importance to the bilateral relations. They agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation based on “four goods” (good neighbors, good friends, good comrades and good partners) and upgrade the bilateral relations to a new height while building a Laos and China community with a shared future. Alecvilay believed that it was privileged to exhibit in this significant exhibition artworks from Laos featuring the country’s traditions and culture. The first work Beautiful Vangvieng presented beautiful landscapes and the most attractive scenic spots in Laos. The second Traditional Festival in Laos integrated traditional costumes with music to show the uniqueness of Laos. The third showed the economic and social development of Laos to eradicate poverty, which was encouraged by China’s significant development. The fourth illustrated the spirit of the BRI, which featured solidarity and international cooperation and provided great opportunities and benefits for the people of countries along its routes. And the last one showcased impressive celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Laos. It not only brought the Chinese culture to visitors, but offered a good chance for the two peoples to strengthen friendship and mutual understanding.


Artist representative QIU Ruimin was delivering a speech.


Artist representative QIU Ruimin said in his speech that “in 2011, I was honored to be invited to participate in the ‘Painting Silk Road’ project organized by the China Artists Association. All participants took boxes, frames, easels and other tools to draw pictures of landscapes from Beijing all the way to Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. Despite a tough environment, the tour was very exciting and impressive. We knew that we were going along the routes that our ancestors once went along. Back then, our ancestors, navigating through hardships in traffic and relying on horses and sailboats, blazed a trail of Silk Road to strengthen friendship and trade among various countries. This was a pioneering achievement of human beings. Today, we painters shoulder the responsibility of enhancing understanding and friendship of people from all over the world through cultural and people-to-people exchanges. We painters also need to exchange views on different nations’ cultural heritages and artists’ unique characteristics. I am deeply convinced that painters from all over the world are closely connected with each other and look forward to depicting our peaceful world in which all countries live in harmony with each other, enjoy fast economic development and prosperity, and provide better life for their people, because this is ‘Our Home’.”


SHEN Jie, Executive Curator of Shanghai Art Museum, was presiding over the opening ceremony.

Leaders and guests took the stage to launch a device and announce the opening of this exhibition.


President FENG Yuan, Deputy Secretary TAO Qin, Vice Mayor CHEN Tong, Alecvilay SOUKCHALERN, Acting Consul General of Lao PDR in Shanghai and other guests took the stage to launch a device and announce the opening of this exhibition.


President FENG Yuan, Vice Mayor CHEN Tong and other guests were appreciating exhibits.


A Group Photo of Guests, Curators and Artists







Guests from outside China were visiting exhibits.






Our Home—The Belt and Road Nation’s Art Exhibition will be held at Shanghai Art Museum until March 31st, 2021. Such a long period ensures that excellent artworks from partner countries of the BRI will create a favorable environment for international cultural exchanges during the 3rd China International Import Expo, and will be appreciated by a large number of visitors at home and abroad to feel our home and bright future depicted by artists from various countries.


Part of Exhibits


JIN Shangyi/ China/ A Woman from A Ethnic Minority Group/ oil on canvas/ 1986


FENG Yuan/ China/ Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty Managed the Frontier and Sent Envoys to the Silk Road / ink and color on paper/ 2018

WU Weishan/ China/ A Dialogue Free from Time and Space— between Italian Artist Da Vinci and Chinese Artist QI Baishi/ bronze/ 2012

ZHOU Jingxin/ China/ Belt and Road·Nanjing (part)/ ink on paper/ 2018


MA Shulin/ China/ Lotuses in Gentle Wind/ ink and color on paper/ 2020


TANG Yongli/ China/ Aspiration for Dunhuang/ ink and color on paper/ 2020


WANG Yingchun, YANG Lizhou, and YANG Zhen/ China/ Impressive Acrobatic Display—Tradition of Silk and Road Countries / ink and color on paper/ 2020

YU Xiaofu/ China/ Marco Polo Came to China from the West/ oil on canvas/ 2020

SHI Dawei and SHI Xiaojie/ China/ Mysterious Path to Heaven/ ink and color on paper/ 2020


XIE Zhen’ou/ China/ Silk Road/ ink and color on silk/ 2014


WANG Yu/ China/ A Path to Freedom—Tanzania Zambia Railway/ ink and color on paper/ 2020


LI Qingke/ China/ Layover—Belt and Road/ ink and color on paper/ 2019


JIAO Yang/ China/ Acquiring Knowledge regarding the Silk Road/ ink and color on paper/ 2019


LU Yushun/ China/ Eternal Dunhuang/ ink and color on paper


SUN Jingbo/ China/ Expressway towards Urumqi/ oil on canvas/ 2018


FANG Xiang/ China/ Summer in Budapest/ ink and color on paper/ 2019


HU Wei/ China/ Vitality/ ink and color on paper/ 2014


CHEN Hui/ China/ Late Winter in Southern Anhui/ ink on paper/ 2015


DAI Daquan/ China/ New Life/ wood/ 2001


WANG Guanjun/ China/ Best Years—Hello Beijing/ ink and color on paper/ 2009


ZHANG Minjie/ China/ Dancing on the Square No.3/ lithograph on paper/ 2013


CHEN Qi/ China/ Uncertain Truth No.2/ woodblock printing on paper/ 2017


TAN Ping/ China/ Untitled/ oil on canvas/ 2017


Peintner Elmar Anton/ Austria/ Silk Road—Riders from the East and the West/ oil on canvas/ 2016


Samir Samadov/ Azerbaijan/ With the Trace of the Sun/ metal, polyester/ 2016


Oikonomidou Florentia/ Greece/ Transcultural Time Travelers l / printmaking / 2016 


Elissavet Charalampous/ Greece/ One Moment of Botticelli in Beijing / digital drawing and print / 2016


Stella Mimikou/ Greece/ A Glimpse of the History / acrylic on paper/ 2016


S.C. Suman/ Nepal/ Celebration on the Silk Road / mixed media/ 2015


Frank Cisneros/ Venezuela/ The Silk in Bird Flight / mixed media on canvas/ 2016


Milivoj Segan/ Croatia/ Tree / wood / 2008


Lanf Ranco Lanari/ Italy/ Untitled / paper/ 2007-2008


Arnold Juma Odhiambo/ Kenya/ Fetching Water / clay / 2002


Silvija Drebickaite/ Lithuania/ Flower Planet / oil painting / 2018


Cristina Tanigwchi/ Philippines/ I Just Want to See An Angel Kissing A Woman / oil on canvas / 2001


Hanna Haska/ Poland/ Tree of Life-Enigma / giclee on canvas / 2015


Manuela Botis/ Romania/ Heaven on Earth / gouache on canvas / 2004


Janna Yakovleva-Studenikina/ Russia/ Blue Color / acrylic on paper/ 2003


Sejma Prodanovic/ Serbia/ Pool / mixed media / 2004


Peter Huang / Singapore / Red Flowers Everywhere / color on paper / 2004


Ralph Launcelot Kiggell/ Thailand/ Roadside Hoarding / mixed media on mulberry paper/ 2006


Pallop Wangborn/ Thailand/ City / etching / 2009


Chavus Anna/ Ukraine/ I’m Waiting for You / photo/ 2014


Marta Tabery/ Czech/ Black-Red- Green- Yellow - Blue / mixed media on silk / 2007


Freddy Coello/ Ecuador/ Miscegenation / oil on canvas / 2016


Gefso Papadaki/ Greece/ My World, Your World, Our World / mixed media on canvas/ 2007


Mezosi Aranka/ Hungary/ Journey of Struggles / copper, aluminum, acrylic paint / 2016


Vinicio Momoli/ Italy/ Looking towards the Future / painting on plexiglass 

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