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Olympic Symbols, Flags, Mascots and Posters-- Reference for the 9th Beijing Biennale Theme-based Creation Ⅸ

      The 9th Beijing Biennale, themed “the Light of Life”, eulogizes the value of life and highlights the dignity, power and glory of life. This session is a city cultural activity of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and will be held at the National Museum of China during the period of the Beijing 2022 Games. It is a continuation of the 3rd session, themed “Colors and the Olympics”, and highlights the visual charm of “power and beauty”. To facilitate your understanding, we provide 14 keywords related to the theme.

Description of Fossil / Debashis Pal(Bangladesh) /  stone, ceramic  /  198cm×48cm×30cm / 2007 / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale