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People’s Olympics-- Reference for the 9th Beijing Biennale Theme-based Creation Ⅻ

The 9th Beijing Biennale, themed “the Light of Life”, eulogizes the value of life and highlights the dignity, power and glory of life. This session is a city cultural activity of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and will be held at the National Art Museum of China during the period of the Beijing 2022 Games. It is a continuation of the 3rd session, themed “Colors and the Olympics”, and highlights the visual charm of “power and beauty”. We provide 14 keywords related to the theme to facilitate your understanding.

Shared Vibrations / Beatriz Olivera Querol(Argentina) / 2007 / acrylic on canvas / 150cm×120cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Shared Emotions / Beatriz Olivera Querol(Argentina) / 2007 / acrylic on canvas / 150cm×120cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Fellowship / Anetta Stylianou(Cyprus) / 2007 / oil on canvas / 122cm×122cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Twelve Olympic Gods / Paliatsios Georgios(Greece) / 2007 /  acrylic on board /  150cm×210cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

All-Win / Yang Ming(China) / 2007 / fiber steel  /  320cm×250cm×250cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

I Love You / Grace Tjondronimpuno(Indonesia) / 2008 / acrylic on canvas / 125cm×150cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

The Body's Thin Shell / Vanna Bowles , Robert Johansson(Sweden) / 2006 / mixed media /  250cm×600cm×700cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

2008 Dragon Dance / Jian Xiangdong(China) / 2006 / wood, steel /  380cm×62cm×120cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Chinese Archaic Golf / Sun Xiuting(Living in US) / 2007 / oil on board / 110cm×160cm / Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale


Key Word: People’s Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games put forward the concept of “Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics”, with People’s Olympics at its core. The idea of People’s Olympics is rich in cultural and spiritual values. It highlights “harmony”, namely peaceful relationship among countries, good relationship among neighbors and friendship among people. People’s Olympics not only is a promise of Beijing to the whole world, but also serves as a driver for Beijing to build a harmonious society.

The Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing had a background featuring traditional Chinese scroll painting.

Emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games incorporated elements of traditional Chinese culture and embodied the idea of People’s Olympics.

Before the Beijing 2008 Games, Shichahai of Beijing implemented a three-year improvement plan under the framework of People’s Olympics.

Three new metro lines were built in Beijing, following the idea of “Green Olympics and High-tech Olympics”.

People’s Olympics  Harmonious Qingdao-- Poster of Sailing in Qingdao

The idea of People’s Olympics shows that sports also cares about human beings, which is in line with the Olympic value of putting people first. Sports can meet the physical and mental demand of human beings, as they are also part of culture. As a kind of activity, sports represent human beings’ realization, transformation and reflection of themselves, the objective nature and society. The Olympic Games is more than competitions for medals; rather, it showcases spiritual influence of sports on human beings’ spirits, and the cultural property of human beings and cultural functions of sports.

After winning the Winter Olympic bid, China witnessed the boom of snow and ice sports, which fully reflects the educational role of sports and the concept of People’s Olympics. This is a group photo of the world champion Li Ni’na and young players taking part in the Beijing primary and secondary school ice hockey league.

The Beijing Olympic Village was well recognized as it could meet various needs of athletes.

Various activities that were consistent with the concept of People’s Olympics were carried out nationwide.

The Chinese government is committed to the concept of “Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics”.

The 14 key words will be published one by one. Look forward to your interest and participation in the Beijing Biennale (submission deadline is August 31, 2021).

(Notes: Please strictly follow copyright laws and relevant regulations in and outside China when referring to captions, photos and other information in your creation. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Copyright-related legal issues should be taken care of by artists themselves.)

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