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Exercise and Health-- Reference for the 9th Beijing Biennale Theme-based Creation XIII


The 9th Beijing Biennale, themed “the Light of Life”, eulogizes the value of life and highlights the dignity, power and glory of life. This session is a city cultural activity of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and will be held at the National Art Museum of China during the period of the Beijing 2022 Games. It is a continuation of the 3rd session, themed “Colors and the Olympics”, and highlights the visual charm of “power and beauty”. We provide 14 keywords related to the theme to facilitate your understanding.

Reinhard Stangl(Germany)

Tennisplayer / 2006 / oil on canvas / 140cm×228cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Rafael Bestard Mas(Spain)

In the Forest IV / 2007 / oil on canvas / 200cm×180cm 

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Lu Zhiqiang(China)

Span / 2007 / traditional Chinese painting / 180cm×220cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Zhou Shigang(China)

SunlightSand Beach / 2004 / traditional Chinese painting / 280cm×638cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Xie Dongming(China)

Girls' World / 2007 / oil on canvas / 220cm×300cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Zheng Bo(China)

Dogfall / 2007 / oil on canvas / 145cm×180cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Cao Xiangbin(China)

Swing in Autumn / 2002 / mixed media on paper / 194cm×150cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Li Xuanfeng(China)

Dance of Harmony / 2006 / colophony / 135cm×40cm×100cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Wu Jinguo(China)

Childhood / 2007 / bronze / 85cm×50cm×50cm

Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Key Word: Exercise and Health

Exercise is a kind of activity developed as human beings start to realize the importance of body health. Exercise helps improve the immune system to fight diseases and extend life. Statistics show that healthy people who do exercises regularly are more immune in cells and body fluid than those who do not, as exercise makes muscles and bones stronger. It is necessary for human beings.

How Exercise Improves Human Health (Muscle Growth)

An exhibition related to exercise and anatomy was held during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Exercise helps eliminate disease and prolong life. It is necessary for human beings.

Health for All

An Elderly Chinese Who Exercises Regularly

Exercise and Bone Health: an Exercising Kung Fu Panda (pictures from Final_Baby’s homepage)

Exercise makes people not only stronger, but happier. It also accelerates metabolism.

Stretching and Relaxation after Exercise

In addition, exercise makes people brave and tenacious, and helps them try their best, overcome challenges and deal with risks. It also promotes such ideas as competition, coordination and fairness.

Exercise makes children healthier and smarter.

Sports is good for children. This picture shows children practicing skating in a park of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. (Photo credit: Ding Genhou with Video China)

Skating in Beihai Park, Beijing/ Xiao Shufang/ Oil Painting/ 1954

The 14 key words will be published one by one. Look forward to your interest and participation in the Beijing Biennale (submission deadline is August 31, 2021).

(Notes: Please strictly follow copyright laws and relevant regulations in and outside China when referring to captions, photos and other information in your creation. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Copyright-related legal issues should be taken care of by artists themselves.)

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