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Life and Health-- Reference for the 9th Beijing Biennale Theme-based Creation XIV


In the face of the spread of COVID-19, the CPC has, from the very beginning, stated clearly that people’s life and health should be considered as the top priority. We are willing to protect people’s life and health at all costs.

--President Xi Jinping

Themed “the Light of Life”, the 9th Beijing Biennale eulogizes the value of life and highlights the dignity, power and glory of life. It focuses on spirits shown in the Olympic Games and the fight against Covid-19, and comprehensively follows the principle of “putting people and life above everything else” put forward by President Xi. Through its international exchange platform, the Beijing Biennale strives to inspire artists to depict life with arts, a “common language” that knows no boundary, from such perspectives as nations, regions and personal experience.

Albino Adelaido Luna Sanchez/Mexico/Sharing with the Birds/2007/ mixed media on canvas / 150cm×120cmWork from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Michael Parchment/Jamaica/From the Earth He Created Them/2005/oil on canvasWork from the 4th Beijing Biennale

Dong Shubing/China/Under the Same Blue Sky/2007/ painted glass-fiber, wood / 170cm×80cm×80cmWork from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Bedriska Uzdilova/Czech/Life/2007/ oil on canvas / 130cm×182cmWork from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Hervet Frédérique/France/Still Alive/2009/acrylic on canvas/ 162cm×97cmWork from the 4th Beijing Biennale

Marcela Alejandra Herrera Ramirez/Mexico/Waiting for a Drop of Water/2009/oil on canvas Work from the 4th Beijing Biennale

Xu Yanjun/China/Beginning of Life /2009/oil on canvas/100cm×100cmWork from the 5th Beijing Biennale

To facilitate your understanding, we provide 14 keywords related to the theme “the Light of Life”, covering Olympic and sports spirits, and life and health (including Covid-19 response), and share them on the Beijing Biennale WeChat public account.

Zhao Yue, Wu Yishan/China/Heaven · Earth · Man/2018/mixed media/ 180cm × 290cmWork from the 8th Beijing Biennale

CHANG Jueyuan/Canada/Great Borderless Love, Humanitys Shared Future/2018/ oil on canvas /260cm × 193cmWork from the 8th Beijing Biennale

Pang Zongchao/China/The Red Light/2016/watercolor /140cm × 100cmWork from the 8th Beijing Biennale

Luo Genxing/China/Permanent Existence·2008·Beichuan/2008/ oil on canvas / 135cm×260cm Work from the 3rd Beijing Biennale

Zhou Shigang, Zhou Zhenzhen/China/The Chinese Medical Team in Africa/2016/ink and color on paper  / 295cm×410cmWork from the 7th Beijing Biennale

Vladimir Vitkov/Israel /Storm Approaching/2015/ digital art on cardboard /66cm×50cmWork from the 7th Beijing Biennale


Key Word: Life and Health (including Covid-19 Response)

According to WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is a definition of health in modern times. According to laws, life is the highest personality interest of a natural person and the foundation of other personality rights and interests. The right to health refers to citizens’ rights and interests of keeping organ and physical safe. Together, they are the foundation of all other rights. After the needs of enough food and clothes are met, people start to pursue health, which thus becomes a basic goal in the 21st Century. After all, health is the cornerstone of everything. Only with physical and mental health can a person make contributions to society and enjoy happiness in life.

Mental health is the foundation of happy life.

Cherish Life and Health

With the ongoing preparation of the Beijing 2022 Games, a number of influential and sustainable Winter Olympic heritages are emerging in Shougang Industrial Park. This also accelerates the ecological conservation of the host city, while promoting venue building, ecological restoration and competition area improvement. The remarkable environmental improvement in Beijing and Zhangjiakou sets a fine example for the integration of sports and natural environment.

The idea of Green Olympics demonstrates the priority given to ecological conservation, life and health. The Beijing 2022 Games sets an example in this regard and puts this idea into action through low-carbon venues, low-carbon transportation and industrial renovation of the Shougang Park.

Yanqing Zone, as one of the three competition zones of the Beijing 2022 Games, is an important ecological protective barrier and water protection area for Beijing, capitol of China.

Throughout the history of the Winter Olympics, the Yanqing competition zone is a project with the most construction difficulties and highest construction standards and finished within the shortest period. It has the most difficult tracks and the most complicated venue, thus dubbed as the most challenging Winter Olympic competition zone. Tens of thousands of constructors have worked in harsh conditions to finish their jobs.

Every life deserves respect.

In early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic caught us all by surprise and ravaged across the world. The virus has put human beings through a global pandemic that is more infectious than any other disease in nearly a century. This is a severe crisis and common challenge faced by all people in the world. In response to the virus, all people have supported each other and navigated through difficulties in joint efforts. After the pandemic, people would better realize the importance of life and health, and aspire for major sports and art events that demonstrate recovery, prosperity and hope. Under such a circumstance, the 9th Beijing Biennale and the Beijing 2022 Games are of historical significance. The former showcases the energy of “the Light of Life” with visual arts, whereas the latter lights the Olympic flame that symbolizes peace, unity, friendship and brightness. The two events bring the light of hopes to the world to put the virus under control and illuminate our path forward. This is like when there is light faraway, we can be full of hopes and see the path forward clearly.

On January 30th, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the Covid-19 pandemic constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

People all over the world fight against the raging global pandemic.

Chinese experts briefed people from 18 European countries on epidemic prevention and control experience via video conference. (Photo credit: CCTV News APP)

China supports many countries and regions with its self-developed coronavirus vaccines.

The 14 key words have all been published on this public account. For more Beijing Biennale information, please continue to follow this account. Look forward to your interest and participation in the Beijing Biennale (submission deadline is August 31, 2021).

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