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Long Night——Appreciation of works of the 6th Beijing Biennale


Guo Runwen(China)

Long Night / 2014 / Oil on canvas / 170cm×130cm

Appreciation: During World War II, the Soviet Red Army made indelible contributions in fighting against and finally wiping out the Fascist, which helped them to win the respect from people around the world, especially the Chinese. Though the artist didn’t experience World War II,Guo Runwen who was born in 1955 admired what the Soviet Red Army did in the War and paid tribute to them after he was told their heroic deeds by the older generation. His oilpainting Long Night applied the realistic style with strong contrasts of light and shade, highlighting the posture of asoldier of the Soviet Army who is well-prepared for fight at any time. Thepitch-black night in the background symbolizes the long and tough War while the spotlight on the solider predicts the upcoming victory.

Guo Runwen born in Guangdong in 1955, graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy and is now president of the School of Formative Arts of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and vice president of the Institute of Oil Painting of China National Academy of Painting. He has participated in“The Seventh / Ninth National Exhibition of Fine Arts”,“The Second Beijing International Art Biennale”,“The Second Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition”, and“Visual China, Realismo Figurativo Contemporaneo”.

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