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Summer Sweetness——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Miel Nathalie(France)

Summer Sweetness / 2013 / Oil on canvas / 130cm×195cm

Appreciation:The female French artist Miel Nathalie shows special preference and aspires to the Chinese culture. In her oil painting Summer Sweetness she provides us a genuine visual feast by comprehensively using the traditional elements of Chinese aesthetics: the goldfish, the lotus, the peony, the ceramic vase with plum blossom, the parroton broken flower branches, the curtain with Chinese landscape painting and oriental pictures and the occidental furniture, the tiles and different kinds of flowers and fruits. The oriental flavor and warm color in Summer Sweetness is reminiscent of The Dessert: Harmony in Red, Still Life With Aubergines and Goldfish by Matisse, who was labelled as a French Fauve (wild beast). The artist hopes to seek harmony between her interior and the exterior nature, between the east and the west. A flying pigeon outside the window in the picture also tells the artist’s wish to seek harmony.

Miel Nathalie was born in 1962 in La Mure of France and graduated from Paris Fine Arts High School. Now she is an artist. She has participated in the Biennale Istanbul and other exhibitions in China, Korea, USA and so on.

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