Appreciationof works

Glass Palace II——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB



Wolfgang Thiele(Germany)

Glass Palace/2014/canvas/68cm×74cm

Appreciation:The Bauhaus in Germany upheld the simple modern design philosophy and exerted a great influence in modern occidental architecture, painting, sculpture and other kinds of art. Although the Post-Modern Art pursues complex vitality instead of simple unity, we can still see the modern design philosophy of simplicity in many contemporary artists’ works of art. Glass Palace IIan artwork on canvas is one of the series “artificial world” by a German artist Wolfgang Thiele. This artwork is designed by means of an iPad and printed with 9 colors on canvas. Simple and transparent, Glass Palace in grey background is made of different colors of geometries, presenting a dreamlike female facial image that is pure and glamorous. It is probable that she is the dream lover hidden deep in the artist’s heart.

Wolfgang Thiele was born in Germany in 1943 and he is a professor now. He has participated Asia Art Expo Beijing, China, Salon d’Hiver Montreuil Paris, France and solo exhibitions held in ARTemisia Galerie, Nice France.

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