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Culture and Environment——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB



Chhim Sothy (Cambodia)

Culture and Environment/2014/canvas/150cm×150cm

Appreciation: Angkor Wat, one of Cambodian places of historical interests, is a symbol of the Khmer Culture. The bas-reliefs of Angkor Wat are decorated with depictions of around 3000 Apsaras that are celestial dancers in Hindu mythology. The Apsaras are depicted as graceful and elegant Khmer females. The oil painting Culture and Environment by the Cambodian artist Chhim Sothy introduced the image of Apsaras of Angkor Wat into his painting. The four Apsaras with different skin colors symbolize four elements: ground, water, fire and wind, dancing gracefully on the lotuses bearing auspicious omen spouted from the mouth of Makara, which symbolizes time. Apsaras are integrated with the multi-colored background formed by forests,flowers, the lotus pond, the fish pond and etc, which illustrates the ecological balance between the traditional culture and the natural environment and the artist’s memory of the past and his dream towards the future.

Chhim Sothy was born in Cambodia in 1969 and he is an artist now. He has participated in Arts Workshop Vietnam 2014, Beijing Biennale China 2010, Art 2 Gallery Singapore 2006 and so on.

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