Appreciationof works

Memories——Appreciation of works of the 6th Beijing Biennale


Chairetakis Alexandros(Greece)

Memories/2013/oil on canvas/160cm×160cm

Appreciation:In this oil painting Memories the Greek artist Chairetakis Alexandros describes the memory of personal emotions. There are two female figures: one in white wearing headscarf gradually blends into the gloomy background, which symbolizes the end of a relationship; the other in red holding a cello is highlighted against the dark background, which represents the beginning of another relationship. We cannot tell clearly the difference between twilight (end) and dawn (beginning) from the gloomy background which generally mirrors the ambivalent moment in life that one has to come to a decision. The artist delineates the particular state featured by memories of yesterday and uncertainty of tomorrow.

Chairetakis Alexandros was born in Athens, Greece in 1959. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Now he is a freelance artist. He has participated in the International Exhibition of Art Chania, June 2005, Gallery “Morfi” Cyprus, November 2010 and the Constitution of Arts “Tsichritzi”, February 2013.

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