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Endless Journeys——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Arpana Caur(India)

Endless Journeys /2011/canvas/185cm×281cm

Appreciation: Life is an endless journey. Many people in India still believe in destiny, astrology, and horoscope, but they can’t predict the future. History shows that there is always an element that is unpredictable and mysterious, which can also be seen from the oil painting Endless Journeys by the Indian artist Arpana Caur who applied the contemporary plastic arts in avein of humour. The Indian woman in the left side is doing Yoga and the silhouette like a ghost at her back who manages people’s destiny is now ready to cut the line of life twines around the woman at an unexpected moment. An airplane onthe left symbolizing the life journey is flying through pieces of paper with incantations which reads Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Comet and other named Constellations and mysterious numbers in Sanskrit. The surprised person in the middle are from India’s folk art as the artist always tries to incorporate elements of traditional and folk art into her contemporary artworks.

Arpana Caur was born in New Delhi in 1954. She graduated from the Delhi University.She is now a freelance artist. She was awarded a gold medal in the 6th International Triennele 1986 in Delhi. Her work can be seen in Museums of Modern Art in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Dusseldorf, Singapore, Bradford, Stockholm and so on.

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