Appreciationof works

Untitled——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Shida Azari Marhabi(Iran)

Untitled/2014/mixed media/150cm×120cm

Appreciation: Feminism popular in the second half of the 20th century can be taken as a challenge and subversion of Andro-Centrism, which can also be found in western philosophy, literature, art and film. The Iranian female artist Shida Azari Marhabi influenced by Feminism has been concerned about the status, destiny and plight of the Iranian women and her works have been centered on this. Her mixed media artwork Untitled depicts a symbolic female image whose eyes are wrapped tight in her black head scarf. The female figure in the work is indulging herself in roaming around her dream world. Compared to those western feminist artists who advocate the female identity, Shida Azari Marhabi’s works are sober criticism instead of violent protest. 

Shida Azari Marhabi was born in Tehran in 1963 and she is an artist now. She hasparticipated in fine art exhibitions held in San Diego, USA, exhibitions heldin FA Gallery, Kuwait, the First International Memory Art Festival, Abu Dhabiand so on.

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