Appreciationof works

East and West——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Emanuele Giannetti (Italy)

East and West/2013/sculpture,marble of sienna and wood/68cm×50cm×110cm

Appreciation: We used to assume that the East and the West are diametrically opposed as if there were irreconcilable conflicts. The sculpture East and West by an Italian artist Emanuele Giannetti thinks out of the box to break the binary opposition between the east and the west. This work consists of two parts: one is a perfect and stable circular pier (which may symbolize the East), the other is a piece of dynamic and irregularly shaped ochre (which may symbolize the West). The two parts are crossed together,forming a harmonious whole, just like a pair of true lovers.

Emanuele Giannetti was born in Italy in1958 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara of Italy. Now he isa professor of sculpture and he has participated in the 5th BeijingBiennale 2012, the exhibitions in Sharjah Art Museum of United Arab Emirates in2000, the City Gallery of the Munich in 1992, and Seoul of Korea, Italy and soon.

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