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Let’s Fire the Music Bullets——Appreciation of works of BIAB


Tsehaye Hadish Afewerki (Eritrean)

Let’s Fire the Music Bullets/2014/installation/height:90cm

Appreciation: The symbolic meaning of Conceptual Art tends to be profound and obscure and usually needs a long self-interpretation of the artist for better understanding. Let’s Fire the Music Bullets, an installation artwork from an Eritrean artist Tsehaye Hadish Afewerki is plain and explicit, so the audiences can easily understand what the artist wants to say. A rifle in the artwork is transformed into a musical instrument,which expresses that the artist wants to replace the bullets of war with the musical bullets but to enjoy a peaceful life, which is thought to be the purest dream of humankind is really difficult to realize. 

Tsehaye Hadish Afewerki was born in Ethiopia in 1990 and he is a professional artist now. He has held solo exhibitions at the gallery in Cosmopolitan Asmara and he has participated in exhibitions held in Toronto and Asmara.

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