Appreciationof works

Gaze No.9——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Tobias Johannes Hildebrandt(Austria)

Gaze No.9/2014/fine art pigment-print mounted on dibond /160cm×240cm

Appreciation: Gaze No.9 is aphotographic work from an Austrian artist Tobias Johannes Hildebrandt which leaves us a memorable impression. Traces of life and life experiences begin to leave marks on the soul and face of each human being after they step into adulthood. To cover, blur or wipe out the traces of life is possible with the help of makeup and beauty treatment, but it can’t make us stay young forever. Just as Keats, a Britain poet once said: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”, truth without embellishment takes on a profound and impressive feature. Gaze No.9, a huge black and white photograph is based on the natural look of a middle-aged person and it enlarged the skintexture, pores, freckles and scars on the face of this male or female image by means of hyperrealism. But traces of life vicissitudes, the bitter look, the preserving lips, the melancholic expressions in the eyes present profound beauty which is more charming than photos of those glamorous and fashionable men and women who apply make-up.

Tobias Johannes Hildebrandt was born in Hamburg,Germany in 1965 and he is a photographer and curator. He has participated in International Art Festival Seoul, Korea, Beyond Design, Florence, Italy, Eyes Rouge, Vienna, Austria and so on.

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