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Winter’s Love——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB



Shannon Finley (Canada)

Winter’s Love/2012/acrylic on canvas/80cm×64cm

Appreciation: Canadian artist Finley claimed his acrylic painting Winter’s Love received the 20th century “Concrete Art” heritage. Concrete Art is not Figurative Art but a kind of Abstract Art which is an art movement with a strong emphasis on abstraction in Europe in 1930s, pursuing pure geometric abstraction. Abstract Art could and often does include the abstraction of forms in nature, but Concrete Art was intended to emanate directly from the mind and consequently to be more cerebral than Abstract Art generally. Concrete Art is often composed of basic visual features such as planes, colors and forms. Finley’s Winter’s Love is composed of many simple triangular planes. These light blue triangular planes like glass are generally simple and transparent, but strictly symmetrical and overlapped to form a three-dimensional space like an ice crystal palace. The elegant rose colour adds warmth of love to the winter tone.

Shannon Finley was born in 1974 in Ontario, Canada who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Galleries and public institutions have shown his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions. 

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