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Guardian of the Night ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


 José Aquiles Jiménez Arias (Costa Rica)

Guardian of the Night / 2011 / sculpture,marble / 6cm×8.5cm×55cm

Appreciation: Night is mysterious. It veils the universe, inspires the poets and makes the wanderers homesick. During the endless night, the moon wakes up, climbing up in the starry sky; the stars are tired, dispersing in all directions. In the night of human mind, there are precious collections of dreams of the realistic world and the magic of the unknown world. Costa Rican artist Jose Aquiles Jimenez Arias’s sculpture Guardian of the Night in marble is crafted into a night guardian -- a cat image, in a simple geometric shape. Born with the super night vision capability, cats monitor all the evils of the world, guarding the mystery of the universe and the night of human mind.

José Aquiles Jiménez Arias was born in Costa Rica in 1954. He graduated from Accademia di belle Arte di Carrara, Italy. He is a professor at the National University of Costa Rica. He has participated in many famous exhibitions held in Costa Rica. 

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