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Home Concert ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


 Bedriska Uzdilova (Czech Republic)

Home Concert / 2014 / oil on canvas / 120cm×125cm

Appreciation: The deep memory from the artist’s childhood that musicians and music lovers gathered in her house where she grew up leaves her an unforgettable impression. The artist, Bedriska Uzdilova from Czech Republic, expresses this beautiful moment in her oil painting, Home Concert. Mom and her pretty little kid in the middle are carefully listening to the home concert. A group of musicians and music lovers are gathering around them, playing violins, cellos and castanets. We may just wonder whether they are playing the Slavonic Dance from Dvorak or the Life and Dream from Suk. The variation of different colors on the painting glamorizes the romantic melody of the national music of Czech Republic.

Bedriska Uzdilova was born in 1954 in Prague of Czech and graduated from the Ecole Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Now she is an artist. She has participated in exhibitions in Toronto, Paris, Prague and so on. 

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