Appreciationof works

Umbilical Cord ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


 Jose Almonte (Dominican Republic)

Umbilical Cord / 2014 / oil and acrylic on canvas / 178cm×254cm

Appreciation: Umbilical Cord, oil and acrylic on canvas by Jose Almonte from Dominican Republic, is a metaphorical expression of family relationship. He believes that the family relationship is at the core of maintaining social connections. But as people grow up, they will be gradually separated from their family relationship. Based on different colors, the whole picture is divided into three parts. In the larger blue zone, the person stands in the middle of concentric circles (symbol of umbilical cord) may represent a child-bearing mother or a grown up young adult. In the rest two parts of grey zones, there are two paper planes which fly outwards from the central of the concentric circles. Even though we can’t understand the complicated moral behind this painting, we can easily take delight in appreciating its simple colors and composition.

Jose Almonte was born in 1969 and now he is an artist. He has participated in the 2nd International Ceramic Triennial, other exhibitions in Miami of USA, and so on. 

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