Appreciationof works

The Gobi ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Khasaanov Erdene Ochir (Kazakhstan)

The Gobi / 2014 / oil on canvas / 120cm×150cm

Appreciation: Gobi is normally considered as a desolate, spacious and monotonous place. However, in the painting from Khasaanov Erdene Ochir, a Kazakhstani artist, it becomes ebullient, rich and flourishing. The oil painting, The Gobi, is fulfilled with passion of expressionism in its configuration, brushwork and color. The sky in the background is boldly painted into red and the dessert at the forefront is rendered in gorgeous colors. The caravans traveling along the dessert is expressed in a blurry shape like a silhouette by few swift strokes. This is the great scene of the Gobi sunset as well as the burst of passion of the artist. (Wang Yong)

Khasaanov Erdene Ochir was born in Mongolia in 1972 and he is an artist now. He has participated in exhibitions held in Mongolia and South Korea.

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