Appreciationof works

Reminiscences ——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB


Bernard Alain ( Monaco)

 Reminiscences / 2014 / oil on canvas / 200cm×150cm 

Appreciation: Under the artist brush, the marks through life and the vestiges of past event are transformed into images. The painting, Reminiscences, by Monaco artist Bernard Alain depicts the experiences of artist’s life with surrealist approach, like what Spanish artist Dali did in his art piece, The Persistence of Memory. The clock indicates time passes, while the brushes, paints, palettes, drawing paper and letters capture the colorful memories of artist. They represent the joyful family life and yearn of dream, as well as the nostalgia and the regrets. Just like what artists said, the future has become the past.(Wang Yong)

 Bernard Alain was born in 1940 in Monaco and graduated from Nice University of France. Now he is an artist. He has participated in the 2nd Beijing Biennale 2005 and many other exhibitions in Monaco, Nice of France and Athens and so on.

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