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Pieces of Memory——Appreciation of works


He Jialin(China)

《Pieces of Memory》 / 2014 / Ink on rice paper / 200cm×180cm

Appreciation: The ancient villages in China are facing the danger of extinction because of historical changes, man-made destruction and over-exploitation, and it needs to strengthen the protection. Our protection to ancient villages is actually to preserve the spiritual value from traditional Chinese culture about the harmony between man and nature. The ink painting, Pieces of Memory, by Chinese artist He Jialin, is intention to create the damaged edges, the vacant ancient village houses and the tilted trees. While the quaint and elegant painting skill and those fragmented scenes of ancient village remind us the paradise-like dream with neatly arranged houses, fertile land and beautiful pond.(Wang Yong)

He Jialin was born in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, in 1961, graduated from the China Academy of Art and now works as the vice director of the Creation and Research Department of the China National Academy of Painting. He has participated in “The First National China Cup Chinese Painting Grand Prix” (won the second prize), “The Seventh / Eighth / Ninth / Tenth / Eleventh / Twelfth National Exhibtion of Fine Arts” (won the silver award of the Tenth National Exhibition of Fine Arts), and “The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale”.


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