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White Cow——Appreciation of works of the 6th BIAB



Sun Zhijun(China)

《 White Cow》 / 2014 / Ink on rice paper / 145cm×300cm

Appreciation: It is originally a common sight in Inner Mongolia daily life that herds of cattle return back to the fence. In the ink painting, White cow, Chinese Artist Sun Zhijun only chooses to use one white cow facing towards empty fence surrounded by the dark night. The artist combines the traditional Chinese Gongbi (meticulous painting) technique and western painting skill, using modest composition and pure color tone, and creates the peaceful and miraculous art conception. The Mongols advocate the saintly blue and pure white. The contrast between white cow and dark blue night atmosphere makes the ordinary scene into a mysterious symbol. (Wang Yong)

Sun Zhijun born in Beijing in 1951, graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts and now is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Capital Normal University. He has participated in “The Sixth / Eighth / Tenth / Eleventh / Twelfth National Exhibition of Fine Arts” and “The First / Second / Third / Fourth / Fifth / Ninth National Exhibition of Chinese Hue Art Paintings”.


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