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Customs of the Silk Road: Dedication——Selected works of the 7th Beijing Biennale 2017



Ren Jianhui(Singapore)

Customs of the Silk Road: Dedication / 2015 / oil on canvas / 172cm×138cm




The scene depicted in the painting is the Galungan, the largest Hindu festival in Bali. Every year in January, people would pay their tributes to the god for the creation of the earth and everything on this particular day. The Bali people have two kinds of calendars: one is the traditional Saka, and the other is Wuku. Every year, according to the Wuku calendar, there will be a 10-day celebration, called the Galungan. When the Galungan comes, every household will put abundant sacrifices and objects to welcome the god and exorcize the evil ones. People would pray respectfully with flowers and fruits in their hands. The last day of Galungan is called Kuningan, which is the biggest day of the celebration.

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