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The Secret of Blue——Selected works of the 7th Beijing Biennale 2017


Oilan Janatkhan(Mongolia)

The Secret of Blue / 2016 / oil on canvas / 155cm×125cm


Blue and white porcelain, as one of the most important ceramic products for export in YuanMing and Qing Dynasty, is unique in the history of ceramics for its large sales volume and great sales regions. It is regarded as the holy vessels from the distant mysterious East, because of the magical glow of cobalt blue and complicated and beautifully decorated pattern. The overall color of the picture reminds of the exceptional color of blue and white porcelain. It is an elegant way of stacking, over the Silk Road through the mountains and the sea, opening up the tunnel to the East for the rest of the world and writing the grand exchange epic between the East and West.

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